I stabbed my vagina

So I got a new piercing 😀

I’ve give you one guess as to what it is (hint: there’s a hint in the title).

I got a piercing last week. It puts my tally at a current total of 16 and I’m not even done with my ears. But I didn’t get this piercing for the aesthetic.

Side note: know what I find funny? Once upon a time I didn’t think much about piercings until I got my second holes and I didn’t think much about tattoos until I got my first one done and now I’m gonna get a fucking sleeve tat and give no shits. I get tattoos that tell my story, my body is my book. My piercings generally are for aesthetics with the exception of the nose ring (a pressure point said to help with labor pains and menstrual cramps) and the daith (one part aesthetic one part helps with headaches). Oh and this one. But that’s it.

The process was done by this awesome piercer, Amy at Club Tattoo in Mesa. I was incredibly anxious because, well, I was about to get this piercing and and I’m the off-chance she missed I would never enjoy sex ever again. So I was a little bit nervous. But Amy did a great job putting me at ease! She kept up a great conversation all the way through the piercing itself, which hurt. And it wasn’t that it hurt so much as it was the location of the pain and the suddenness of it made it hurt more in a way. I even grunted, but that was because I was too scared to wince and hiss :’D

I got my clitoral hood vertically pierced. It’s called a vertical clitoral hood piercing, or VCH. The piercer takes the skin of the hood of your clit and shoves a barbell through it. If the piercer knows what they’re doing, the barbell ends up sitting next to the bundle of nerves that is the clit. Whenever the barbell is jostled in whatever way, it rubs against the clit. The purpose of this piercing is stimulation. It’s fucking ingenious.

It’s a practical reason to get a piercing down there; it’s why I did it. Note: this is about to probably be TMI but idgaf and you have been warned. For most of my life I didn’t realize sex actually felt good. The first time I ever had an orgasm with another guy during sex I was 24 years old. That was about 3 years ago. If I were to give myself a failure-success ratio, it would be something like for every several failures I’ll be successful in having a single orgasm. Literally I need to be in the right position, with him going in at the right angle and the right depth and I have to clench every muscle in my core to try and get off and I’ll come so close, so very close, and Ryan is doing everything right and it’s right there but no matter what I do or how hard I squeeze, more often than not I teeter for only a second before I lose it and can’t get it back.

It’s endlessly frustrating. Honestly it’s done a number on my self-esteem. On the days I manage to have one it’s awesome! Other days I feel like a defective pile of crap 😊 There was one time I tried getting myself off with a vibrator and failed. It was probably one of the worst feelings.

So I got this pierced about a week ago and I’m waiting earnestly for Ryan to return home so I can give it a test drive. I have good feelings about it because I could feel the difference in sensation as soon as she started maneuvering the barbell around to screw the ball on. Does this make me a slut? No. I want to enjoy sex with my boyfriend and orgasms feel good plus release the love chemical and I always feel super snuggly and it’s nice.

Meanwhile I’ve been caring for it through the healing process. It’s been really easy because convenient our lady parts are self-cleaning on the inside and coupled with saline rinses and antibacterial soap, I’m not at all worried. At first it was a little uncomfortable sitting in certain positions because they put pressure on the piercing and it was fresh so it was tender. It’s doing much better nowadays, I don’t have to be as careful as I was in the beginning.

All in all I really like the piercing. It’s cute and it stimulates and it’s discreet. It’s kind of edgy too, I mean, who do you know that has blinged out lady parts? I stopped taking my meds, and that’s another story for another day. I have zero regrets getting this piercing and ladies, if you’re having a hard time and are looking for ways to make it work, try this piercing out! I can tell you you’ll feel a difference. If you’re in Mesa I highly recommend Amy at Club Tattoo. She’s freakin awesome.

Now I get to save and ponder which body mod I get to do next. A few more piercings to go and plenty of tattoos. I’m gonna be all kinds of decked out when I’m done.