about me

What is there to say?

I’m one of those pesky twenty-something Millennials you all keep griping about, originally from the Big Apple and currently living in the Catskills. My life has taken its share of unexpected turns. Hell, it’s taken me out of the country and I’m sure that’ll be something I look back on one day and think to myself “those sure were the calmer days.”

It’s been a long road so far. Probably the rest of my life is going to feel like an eternity. I can picture myself at the age of 90: “HOLY CRAP I’M SO OVER THIS SHIT.”

I’m not new to blogging. Far from it actually. I started blogging around the age of 14. Luckily that blog was wiped off the face of the Internet a few years ago. I say luckily because that thing was chock full of pitiful teen angst and drama and my writing skills back then were shit. Sometimes I think about what I wrote back then and it makes me want to jump back in time and punch myself in the face.

That’s all in the past though, and now I have this blog here. Consider it my clean slate if you will. The stuff in that old blog is history and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m not the girl I once was, after all.

What is there to expect? All sorts of things. I decided against making a niche blog (not like I have blogable interests anyway). I’m doing a lot of different things right now. I’m currently in a new relationship, having left a very toxic and abusive relationship earlier this year. I’m on a #fitjourney for a number of reasons but the most important one being that I am chasing my dream of playing professional soccer (I’m trying out for semi-pro in May of 2017!). I’m healing from traumas suffered during my life. And I have family and friends that I care about and think about often.

I should probably warn you that there will be heavy stuff in here on occasion. Writing helps me gain insight and I consider it very therapeutic.  So I would say expect very personal things, since this is a personal blog and all.

I guess my hope is making some kind of impact in someone’s life. Or at least tell some kind of inspiring story. Not sure if my life’s lessons have that ability, but I guess I’ll just keep writing and see what happens. Either way, it’s good to have a collection of memories somewhere where I know I won’t lose them.

In any event, I appreciate you taking the time to check me out, and I hope you tag along for the ride!


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